In 2017, SATUC is hosting a 5-a-side football tournament with teams comprised of orphaned and underprivileged children from around the world.
We believe sport has a unique ability to unite people and is therefore a powerful tool in our fight to enact social change.
In particular, football – which has spread from the playing fields of England to those of Rio and beyond – has the power to inspire a generation to dream of something better.
The nature of disadvantaged childhoods varies from country to country. The children who will participate may have been orphaned, or have suffered from a childhood mired in poverty, or simply have come from a broken family.
Yet it is our belief that their past should not define them. Instead they should be defined by what they are capable of. This tournament is an opportunity for these talented children to leave behind whatever challenges they have had to overcome and to show the true nature of themselves.
In turn, it is a chance for the world to see them in a different light; not as victims or sufferers but as remarkable young people who have an extraordinary amount to give.
The 2017 tournament will include 24 teams from 5 continents. In each respective country we have partnered with a charity or an organisation that provides aid and opportunities to disadvantaged children.
We hope the tournament will raise awareness for these projects as well as funds.
After the great success of the 2015 Cup, the event’s profile is growing by the day and is already being endorsed by a number of celebrity ambassadors, with many more to follow.
There was a very strong media presence and excellent exposure opportunities – over 40 cameras were present at the tournament sending images across the globe.
If you would like to apply to be part of this tournament, please send us a proposal via email.
We need sponsors on board as early as possible to make the best preparations we can, so do not hesitate to get in touch!